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Best Practice Contracting

If you don't have time, don't go without. We have skilled labour offering extremely high quality services. There's no compromise on quality.


We have modern equipment and utilise low stress stock handing.

  • Pre-joining ewe checks

    • The three T's of rearing a lamb​

      • teeth​

      • toes 

      • teats

    • Body Condition score

  • Vaccinating

    • Vaccinate all sheep and cattle​

  • Tagging

    • Sheep​

      • Tag adult sheep through the Combi Clamp for Eid programs​

      • Offer tagging for both Shearwell and Allflex tags

      • We provide tag applicators ​

  • Wet and Drying (ewes at marking)

    • Sheep​

      • Process sheep through the Combi Clamp

      • Wet and dry 450/hour average

      • Record on Eid tag or use visual indicator

      • Draft according to result

      • Can drench or add other action on request

  • Auto drafting 

    • Sheep​

      • Weigh and draft 500/hour average​

      • Record on Eid tag (optional)

      • Draft on weight and/or traits (must have Eid)

  • Regulin Implants 

    • Sheep​

      • Process sheep through Combi Clamp

      • Implant 300/hour average

      • Use as part of off season joining program for best results.

  • Mustering

    • Sheep and Cattle​ ​

  • Calf marking

    • Efficient and proffessional ​

    • Guaranteed no nut left behind

    • Utilise pain relief​


To enquire call Richie or click on the link below

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